Our factor, which is located in the Organized Industrial Zone in İstanbul, is continuing the production with various types of Knitting machines in 12000M2 indoor space. Our factory has production capacity from 16000 to 21000 day/Kg depending on the quality.

Each knitting machine can produce different types of cloth as well as having the capacity of reaching 3500 Kg/a day production in the same type of cloth.

The daily production Schedule is checked online by all units of the factory

Our 16 year old cloth archive is exclusive in the market.

The quality of the cloth is checked 24 hours with eight machines

The Barcode system in the factory is programmed to check the width, weight in grams, surface, average weight of inside of a roll, and numbers of flaws, even the product left the factory it can be checked.

Besides this, our company has the capacity of Gipe production of 3500Kg /day, which is facilitated for our needs.